Projects where we were leaders and/or partners

  1. EU ecolabel certification (EU/2014/312) of architectural paints and varnishes (Greece, Belgium, Cyprus 2014-2016, 2017, 2018)
  2. Hypoallergenic certification of architectural paints (Greece, Cyprus 2014, 2018)
  3. Low biocide content architectural paints (EUH 208 free) (Greece, Cyprus 2014-2016, 2018)
  4. Use of graphene oxides in outdoor yacht varnishes, in order to upgrade UV resistance (USA 2017)
  5. Smart outdoor plasters based on hybrid binders for improving weathering resistance and avoiding color fading (Belgium 2017)
  6. Biocide free architectural paints for wall and ceilings based on hybrid binders (Belgium 2017)
  7. Very low VOC emission & hypoallergenic architectural paints and varnishes for all indoor surfaces (USA 2017-2018, Cyprus 2018) - NeoSMART paints concept. Indoor Air Quality EUROFINS GOLD certificate.
  8. U.S Green Building - LEED v4 conformed architectural paints (USA 2017-2018, Greece 2019)
  9. Photocatalytic indoor wall paint using light traps and molecular sieves in combination with nano TiO2. (USA 2017-2018)
  10. Smart outdoor masonry paints based on hybrid binders and photocatalytic special additives – NeoFACE (antiaging) paints concept (USA 2017-2018, Greece 2018-2019)
  11. Application of NeoFACE paints in some real buildings for the pilot evaluation of its antiaging properties (Greece 2018-2019)
  12. Architectural paints development based on the consideration of Product Environmental Footprint (using PEF Category Rules) (Greece 2018-2019)
  13. Biocide free architectural paints based on Blue Angel (RAL UZ 102 Low emitting wall paints-new criteria 2019-2023) (Cyprus 2019)
  14. Use of reactive surfactants in hybrid binders for avoiding leaching and water induced defects for outdoor masonry paints (Greece 2018)
  15. Formaldehyde capturing functional wall paints for obtaining better Indoor Air Quality (Greece 2018-2019)
  16. Antimicrobial architectural paints for indoor surfaces by combining silver ions with graphene oxides (USA 2017-2019)